Equity Action Collaborative


The Equity Action Collaborative helps to coordinate global collaborations by independent organizations and individuals working on the same specific issues in different countries.



(Collaboration between Nigerian and Malaysian students)


Platforms for Collaboration

Around the world, people are working to create change on many issues related to inequality, from fighting racism to promoting equitable environment and climate policies to building a new economy. IfE’s Equity Action Collaborative provides platforms and coordination to develop global collaborations on these issues through a series of Action Groups.

While most serious efforts to overcome inequality take place at the local or national level, they can often benefit from information-sharing, strategic planning and coordinated action at the global level. The “collective impact” model is a good way to approach these global collaborations. Local and national partners remain independent, but meet periodically to share information and expertise, come up with joint strategies, and coordinate actions as needed.  


Join an Action Group!

Read about and then join an Action Group, or help to start one:


Arts for Equality Action Group

using story-telling, drama, music, the visual arts and straightforward explanations to promote a new paradigm of equality and full participation


Refugee & Migrant Action Group

addressing urgent needs as well as root causes of the growing movement of refugees and migrants


Democratic Economies Action Group

promoting participatory, democratic economic policies, structures, enterprises, and access to financial resources that increase levels of socioeconomic equality


Environment and Resources Action Group

fighting resource grabs and inequitable land distribution; promoting environmental justice and equitable access to land, water, and other natural resources


Equitable Development Action Group

promoting equitable and sustainable development for those who need it, along with reduced consumption by those who have more than enough


Participatory Politics Action Group

promoting open, inclusive and participatory public decision-making processes, and overcoming corruption and abuse of power


Ending Discrimination Action Group

fighting systemic structural and social discrimination, and promoting inclusive social, economic and political structures and cultures


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