Privacy Policy

Initiative for Equality is committed to protecting the privacy of people who join our network, donate to the organization, or participate in our projects.

We make the following specific commitments:

1. We will never keep your information from your credit card or bank account after you make a donation to us.

2.  We protect the security of information flowing to and from our website using SSL/TLS technology.

3. We will never sell or give out your contact information to others if you donate or join our global network.

4. Our open source mass mail software does not use the email addresses we enter into the system for their own purposes, unlike some commercial mass mail services.

5. You may easily unsubscribe from our mailing list or remove yourself from our contact list at any time.

6. When we solicit your input through online polls, we will never save IP addresses, and we will keep poll data separate from your email address (if you provide it).