Using Telegram for IfE Meetings

Telegram is an app that serves Initiative for Equality well, for the following reasons:


  • As a global organization, we need a way for everyone to be able to communicate in group meetings. This means we need to accommodate people in regions where the internet or electricity are periodically turned off, or have very low band width. Telegram allows people to join by smartphone or laptop, whichever is possible, and does not demand much bandwidth.


  • For IfE members in many countries, security is essential. Telegram is a private and secure app, which protects us from surveillance to the extent possible in large meetings, and also allows for end-to-end encryption for one-on-one chats. It also allows people to join the meeting without their personal name or telephone number being visible to others in the meeting.


  • Because IfE members speak many languages, it helps to meet via chatting (i.e. typing) rather than speaking. In this way, we can understand one another without the problem of spoken accents, and we can use a translator such as Google Translate to make ourselves understood. At the end of the meeting, we have a complete transcript with no effort expended on taking minutes!


Here is a PDF with the instructions for installing Telegram on your phone &/or laptop, and joining an IfE group:

TELEGRAM miniguide – IfE Strategy Discussions 2017-18 EN