Support the Regional Movement to Protect Indigenous Twa / Mbuti Survival and Rights

You can support the local actions and global movement for the survival and rights of the indigenous Batwa / Bambuti people in a number of ways. We will add information to this page as international calls for support are issued.


  1. Join our International Batwa Support Committee, to help with:
  • organizing a speaking tour in the US and EU for Batwa/Bambuti representatives
  • translating and circulating articles for the news media around the world – we especially need good translators from English into French and vice versa
  • presenting information and demands to United Nations regarding Indigenous rights, human rights, peace-keeping and prevention of genocide
  • presenting information and demands to World Bank, International Monetary Fund, European Union/European Commission regarding funding, encouraging and permitting harmful activities
  • contacting national governmental representatives such as embassies, state departments and other agencies to demand that they enforce resource extraction transparency laws and agreements, enforce tax codes, prevent off-shoring of profits, and stop supporting offending governments and militias with money, arms, or public relations support
  • contacting intergovernmental agencies such as the UN, World Bank, IMF, African Union, EU, etc., to demand that they enforce human rights laws, charge war criminals, and support peacekeeping missions


  1. Make a donation today, urgently needed for the following:
  • travel to reach remote communities to monitor the situation
  • communications including mobile phones, call time and laptops
  • travel to international meetings (African Union; United Nations) to demand policy changes and request assistance
  • preparing reports to document situation
  • reaching out to international news media with stories of what is happening
  • developing regional and international awareness and campaigns 
  • promoting and engaging in local and regional conflict resolution


  1. Volunteer to help research and report on which companies and governments are involved in the land grabs, off-shoring of profits, arms sales, human rights abuses, and extrajudicial killings that are destroying the Indigenous Twa and Mbuti communities.

The information we gather together will be used in our international public awareness and media campaign. It may be used in the future to put pressure on companies and governments, to take them to court, or to provide documentation to international courts and tribunals such as the International Criminal Court.



Go to this link to sign up for notifications, to get involved, and to make a donation now:

Thank you! Only you – all of us together – can make these things happen.  



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