IfE Strategy Discussions

How can we gain political power in countries with corporatist or authoritarian governments?


People who want to see equitable and sustainable societies are facing this problem in diverse countries around the world, including the Philippines, Uganda, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Egypt, Hungary, the Czech Republic, the USA, and potentially Brazil, among others. We need to be talking and working with one another!


IfE is hosting periodic discussion, open to members of the IfE network in countries around the world. In these facilitated discussions, participants can share their ideas with others to come up with more effective strategies. We can learn from one another’s successes and failures!


To sign up to participate in discussions, go to this google form:


To learn about the app we require for these discussions – Telegram – go to this webpage:



Because of the time zones involved, meetings will be held at varying times of day depending on your location. These times will range from early morning on the West Coast of the US through late evening in East Asia and Australia. We will announce the time and date for each meeting well in advance.


We look forward to your participation and ideas!