(Click here to sign.) The global Equity Treaty Circle convened by IfE has released the People’s Sustainability Treaty on Equity in time to be presented at the Rio+20 Summit. The Equity Treaty and Action Plan were also discussed on 16 June at the People’s Summit in Rio (see flyer here: Rio+20 Flyer June 16 2012 Final).


Please help us circulate the Equity Treaty for signatures and build momentum for groups and communities to sign on. Send the link to your email lists, post it on facebook and other social media, and put it on your website. All those who sign will be contacted and asked to help us develop a more substantial Action Plan for moving towards the commitments spelled out in the Treaty. Together, we can build a strong global movement for equity, sending the message: “Equity and justice are necessary for the world to move towards sustainability!”


Join us! (Click here to sign.)