Violence across Pakistan, including conflict in the KPK (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) Province, political assassinations and mass killings, violence against women, killings of health workers and more, has caused people throughout the country to mourn, live in fear, and lose hope. IfE’s Field Hearings partners in Pakistan are putting together a series of Field Hearings to facilitate a national dialogue on the plague of violence. They bring forward the voices of people in affected communities to learn what people know about the conflict and violence, how it affects their feelings and behaviors, and what they think could be done to change the situation.

Under the coordination of Field Hearings partners Ihsan Ali Panhwar and Riaz Ahmed Agro of Organization for Social and Economic Change (OSEC), the network of organizations will gather information from citizens in communities across the country. Noted post-conflict reunification facilitator, Muhammed Muzzammil Cader (Sri Lanka), is serving as an informal advisor to the group.