The Initiative for Equality (IfE) Board of Advisors held its annual elections in December of 2018, electing five people to the Board of Directors, and 15 people to the Board of Advisors for 2019.


The Board of Directors now includes:

Roberto P. Guimaraes (Brazil)

David Berry (Canada/United States)

Hawa Nibi Amenga-Etego (Ghana)

Priscilla Achakpa (Nigeria)

Soren Ambrose (United States/Kenya).


Dr. Deborah S. Rogers remains President of the organization, and will serve on the Board in an Ex Officio capacity as a non-voting Director. You can read the biographies of each of the Directors here:



The Board of Advisors now includes:

Bhola Bhattarai (Nepal)

Daniel W. Wamalwa (Kenya)

Deborah S. Rogers (United States)

Elisabetta Rossi (Italy)

Fabio R. H. Gama (Brazil)

Gabriel Tripura (Bangladesh)

Ihsan Ali (Pakistan)

Konstantin Kouznetsov (Russia/United States)

Meshack Mandlenkosi Mbangula (South Africa)

M. Wakilur Rahman (Bangladesh)

Pedi Obani (Nigeria)

Pradeepta Kumar Nayak (India)

Sharat G. Lin (India/United States)

Todd Davies (United States)

Williams Ngwakwe (Nigeria)


You can read the biographies of each of the Directors here:  IfE’s Nominations & Elections Committee is in the process of identifying additional female nominees, to be submitted for a vote in a Special Election during 2019. IfE’s Board of Advisors is required (by organizational policy) to be broadly representative of our global network, including by region, by issues and by gender.