IfE partners in Sierra Leone are launching Field Hearings among Ebola survivors around Freetown to learn how they experienced the disease, its impacts, and the efforts to stop Ebola and prevent further outbreaks. Led by Simon Olagai of Freetown, the Field Hearings will begin in the first week of August.

The special questionnaire for these hearings was developed by members of IfE’s network who have expertise in Ebola, including Simon Olagai (WHO Ebola team, Sierra Leone), Samuel E. Akale Clifford (recently with the UN MEER Ebola team in Liberia), Aliou Barry (Guinea; evaluated Ebola for the UN Economic Commission for Africa), Zhiyuan Song, PhD (China; Ebola determinants researcher at Stanford University), and Deborah Rogers, PhD (biologist and social scientist; global coordinator of the Field Hearings). The report will be made available when it is completed.