The Goal 10 Consultation is a global initiative gathering input on how to achieve Goal 10 of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) : “Reduce inequality within and among countries”. Once we have a good list of strategies, we will coordinate platforms for collaboration at the country, regional or global level, depending on the issue.  


The first step is to gather suggestions for the most effective strategies to address inequalities. We are calling for your input.

See the input form here.


How the consultation works

In the consultation form, we have listed 17 topics related to inequality. You will be able to select as many or as few of these as you want, one at a time. You can also select “Other” to define and discuss a new topic. For each topic you select, there will be several questions to answer by giving your opinions.

Next, we will present the compiled input on a google doc – anonymously – and will invite you and others to respond to what was already said. We will then use your input and responses to:

a. prepare a report on recommended strategies, which will be circulated globally

b. inform and decide our own strategies and activities

c. set up mechanisms for regional (or topic-by-topic) collaborations.


In addition to filling out this form, there are two other ways you can contribute to this Consultation:

(a) You may gather community-level input and send it to us. Tell us what local community members think through a Field Hearing. If you are interested in doing this, please follow the instructions at this link.

(b) You may forward the link to this page, requesting input from members of your organization or network. 



We know that inequalities are growing worse. A January 2022 report by Oxfam [1] provided data showing that inequality is tearing our societies apart. Since the pandemic began, the world’s ten richest men have doubled their fortunes, while over 160 million more people have been pushed into poverty. Inequality has had a huge impact on the likelihood of dying, contributing to the avoidable deaths of over 21,000 people each day. The concentration of wealth and political power in the hands of a few has resulted in decisions that make the world’s problems worse, from vaccine inequality to armed conflict to climate change.

This is intolerable. But what can be done?

In 2013-2014, Initiative for Equality (IfE) proposed, drafted, and successfully advocated for the adoption of Goal 10 in the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): “Reduce inequality within and among countries”. We did this with the help of the people and communities in our network around the world. We are responsible for Goal 10.

Now we need to turn it into action.

The Oxfam report mentioned above recommends placing substantial taxes on the rich, redirecting that wealth to fund public needs, and changing policies to redistribute power and influence in societies. These are great concepts. But we also need step-by-step strategic plans to make these and other essential changes happen in every country around the world.

How can we achieve Goal 10 and push back successfully against inequality? Please go to our input form and contribute your best ideas to our Consultation. Go to the form here.

In 2014, IfE was told that a stand-alone goal on inequalities was impossible; that the General Assembly of the UN would never adopt it as part of the Sustainable Development Goals. But they did.

Now we have another chance to show that our global network, with members in over 100 countries, can have a substantial impact on overcoming inequalities. Let’s put our best ideas together, build collaborations in many of our countries, and show what we can do!