Support the Regional Movement to Protect Indigenous Batwa / Bambuti Survival and Rights

You can support the the local and regional movement for the survival and rights of the Indigenous Batwa and Bambuti people in a number of ways. We will add information to this page as international calls for support are issued.


(1) Donations are urgently needed for the following:

  • travel (vehicles, gasoline) to reach remote communities
  • communications platforms including mobile phones (and call time) and laptops
  • support for full-time organizers, investigators and advocates
  • travel to international meetings (African Union; United Nations) to plead for assistance
  • preparing reports to document situation
  • reaching out to international news media with stories of what is happening

If you can make a donation, please sign up (below) and check the donation box, then proceed to the link provided. Thank you so much!


(2) An international campaign to direct attention to the dire situation faced by the Indigenous Batwa and Bambuti people is being prepared. Please sign up (below) for notifications, so you can be contacted to sign a petition and asked to help contact governmental representatives and intergovernmental agencies.


(3) Political and legal challenges to any actors who provide incentives for resource grabs from the Indigenous Batwa and Bambuti people in this region are being considered. Please sign up (below) for notifications, so you can be asked for specific help once these are developed.



Go to this link to sign up for notifications and/or to make a donation now:

Thank you! We are very glad to have you join with us!



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