Annex 1

Organizations Participating in Project to Protect the Lives and Rights of Indigenous Peoples in the African Great Lakes Region


AGAPE – Agape Hauts-Plateaux

Contact: Rodrigue Rukumbuzi


Tel: 243 813 10 44 30

Location: Uvira Territory, groupement de Bijombo, localité Kagogo, Village Irango, South Kivu Province; DRC

Focus: promotion and defense of human rights; monitoring of conflict and human rights violations

Batwa Leadership: AGAPE collaborates and cooperates with Indigenous peoples and works to defend their rights; two people on their Board are Indigenous; many of their focal points and implementing staff are Indigenous.



AIMPO – African Initiative for Mankind Progress Organization

Contact: Richard Ntakirutimana


Tel: 250 78222332;  784642710


Location: Kigali; Rwanda

Focus: human rights, women’s rights, mobilization and poverty reduction for Indigenous people

Batwa Leadership: AIMPO was established by Batwa community members in 2001; all decision-makers and most staff are Indigenous.



AJECA – Association des Jeunes Chrétiens en Afrique

Contact: Félicien Mirindi


Tel: 257 75 176 708

Location: Bujumbura; Burundi

Focus: education and assistance to young people in vulnerable and excluded communities; Field Hearings to learn the experiences, analysis and priorities of Indigenous communities

Batwa Leadership: AJECA is not a Batwa organization, but Indigenous peoples are among the communities served by their organization.



AJND – Association des Jeunes Novateurs du Développement



Tel: 243 991408304; 823642404

Location: Uvira, South Kivu; DRC

Focus: Women’s empowerment and education; skills training for youth

Batwa Leadership: AJND is not a Batwa organization, but works for the good of Batwa communities.



ANFD – Aube Nouvelle pour la Femme et le Développement

Contact: Crispin Swedi Bilombele


Tel: 243 99 900 4625


Location: Uvira, South Kivu; DRC

Focus: Human rights, protection of the environment, women’s entrepreneurship

Batwa Leadership: ANFD is a civil society organization that works with all sectors of society without distinction, in order to promote peaceful cohabitation, human rights, and a durable peace.



APADE – Alarme de Peuples Autochtones pour le Droits et l’Equite

Contact: Aoci Mtho Wa Ndeke


Tel: 243 816961394

Location: Kakone, Fizi Territory, South Kivu Province; DRC

Focus: Defense and promotion of the rights of Indigenous people; identification of Indigenous communities in Fizi Territiry

Batwa Leadership: APADE is directed by Batwa people, and has a staff that includes Batwa and non-Batwa.



APDHE – Action pour la Protection des Droits Humains et de l’Environnement

Contact: Rebecca Marceline Binwa


Tel: 243 994196728

Location: Uvira, South Kivu Province; DRC

Focus: Human rights

Batwa Leadership: APDHE is not a Batwa group; they are a civil society group that works for the well-being of marginalized populations.



ASCOFIZI – Action de Solidarité Communautaire – Fizi

Contact: Modeste Issa Lwangela


Tel: 243 821538128; 243 973659913

Location: Baraka, Fizi Territory, South Kivu Province; DRC

Focus: Protection of Indigenous people, especially children and women

Batwa Leadership: ASCOFIZI is an inter-community organization, with both leadership and staff composed of Indigenous Batwa and Bambuti as well as other ethnic groups (Babembe, Bafulero and Baluba). This is why they are able to enter into all communities to monitor conflicts, take photos, and facilitate mediations.



CCOFA – Coeil Consultatif de Femme Africaine

Contact: Najet Hamadou


Tel: 243 819002490

Location: Uvira, South Kivu Province; DRC

Focus: human rights, education, health, peace, violence against women, and sustainable development

Batwa Leadership: CCOFA is not a Batwa organization, but undertakes many activities with the Batwa, and implements programs on behalf of marginalized women.



FDAPID – Foyer de Développement pour l’Autopromotion des Pygmées et Indigènes


Contact: Vicar Batundi Hangi


Tel: 243 810127090


Location: Goma, Nord-Kivu Province; DRC

Focus: Human rights for Indigenous peoples, including rights to natural resources, education, the environment, food security and health; monitoring human rights violations and advocating on behalf of victims and their families

Batwa Leadership: About 50% of the members of FDAPID’s Board of Directors and Control Commission are Indigenous, and over 90% of their satellite offices personnel are Indigenous.



FEDA – Femmes et Education des Adultes

Contact: Lamartine Byahenga


Tel: 243 826589337


Location: Kazimi-Centre, Fizi Territory, South Kivu Province; DRC

Focus: Education of adults

Batwa Leadership: FEDA is not a Batwa organization, but its programs are directed at serving Indigenous people and organizations.


IFE – Initiative for Equality

Contact: Deborah S. Rogers


Tel: 1 415 235 9781


Location: global network with active partners in 80+ countries and members in 132 countries; registered in the United States

Focus: works (through local partners) to overcome social, economic and political inequalities

Batwa Leadership: At the global level, IfE does not have any Batwa decision-makers, although its global decision-making Board includes Nwe Oo, an Indigenous Rakhine woman who participates in delegations to the UN’s Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues. At the regional level, this project has substantial Batwa/Bambuti involvement in top-level decision-making as well as on the ground implementation – see descriptions of the other 19 participating groups listed in this document.



IPROFAV – Initiative pour la Promotion des Femmes Autochtones et Vulnérables

Contact: Elie Mwanda Kyabangwa


Tel: 243 991809431; 853217689

Location: Bukavu, South Kivu Province; DRC

Focus: Questions of Indigenous people and the environment

Batwa Leadership: IPROFAV is a Batwa organization.



MIFA – Ministere de la Femme en Action

Contact: Dina Nagazura Muhirwa


Tel: 243 991708524

Location: Uvira, South Kivu Province; DRC

Focus: Gender and defense of rights of women

Batwa Leadership: MIFA is not a Batwa group, but works with Batwa among other groups.



PIDP Nord-Kivu – Programme Integre pour le Developpement du Peuple Pygmee au Kivu

Contact: Diel Mochire Mwenge


Tel: 243 994305172


Location: Goma, Nord-Kivu Province; DRC

Focus: Defense and promotion of the social, economic, cultural, civil and political rights of Indigenous people (Bambutis and Batwa)  

Batwa Leadership: PIDP is the leading Indigenous organization in the DRC – created and led by Indigenous people.




Projet Pygmee – 8e CEPAC/Projet Pygmee

Contact: Néhémie Ndambara


Tel: 243 998983323

Location: Beni, Nord-Kivu Province; DRC

Focus: Health, food security, education, shelter, and legal rights

Batwa Leadership: Project Pygmy is not a Batwa organization, but serves primarily Indigenous people and secondarily other vulnerable populations (for example, displaced people).



SDAPDDH – Synergie des Ex-combattants Démobilisés Acquis à la Paix, au Développement et à la Défense des Droits de l’Homme

Contact: Dorcas Ndamuso


Tel: 243 995946957

Location: Uvira, South Kivu Province; DRC

Focus: Mediation and resolution of conflicts in the territories of Uvira and Fizi (South Kivu Province), often between Indigenous and Bantu populations

Batwa Leadership: SDAPDDH is not a Batwa group, but works with Batwa associations on the plains of Ruzizi and the plateaus in Uvira and Fizi territories



TAP – Tous en Action pour les Progrès

Contact: Elias Paluku Karufani


Tel: 243 993 517 772

Location: Goma, Nord-Kivu Province; DRC

Focus: protection of the environment, conservation, sustainable agriculture and sanitation; defense of human rights; and programs for unemployed youth

Batwa Leadership: TAP works with Batwas, who are integrated into the organization – some in positions of decision-making.



UPARED – Union des Peuples Autochtones pour le Reveil au Developpement

Contact: Yves Minani


Tel: 257 79434844;  250 781927197


Location: Bujumbura; Burundi

Focus: Education, health, rights and advocacy for Indigenous peoples

Batwa Leadership: UPARED is an organization of Batwa people in Burundi. They are founding members and members of the executive committees, although there are some non-Batwa people holding certain technical positions.



URELE – Union d’Entraide des Ressortissants de Lemera et ses Environs

Contact: Timothée Bakanirwa Ruhindwa


Tel: 243 994330264;  0853795276

Location: Uvira, South Kivu Province; DRC

Focus: Peace-building, education and literacy; education for orphaned Indigenous children; medical care for victims of sexual violence

Batwa Leadership: URELE is not a Batwa organization, but they work with Batwa communities and advocate for their rights.